The appearance of your floors sets the tone for your guests’ experience, and ongoing maintenance such as daily mopping is a critical step in the process. Mopping services is the most basic and easiest way to maintain your flooring. Sweeping and vacuuming may keep your floors fairly clean, however some dirt will still be on it and the best remedy to remove it mopping service.

Choosing the right kind of mopping techniques for the floor surface is an important consideration when mopping a premises. There are a few types of mopping techniques:

Dust mopping

The best way to sweep a floor is to use a dust mop. This is used to pick up dust, soil and waste before mopping. Almost all dust mops are intended to be electrostatic; which in turn attracts and hold dust. These are best for smooth surfaces such as vinyl, granite, wood, terrazzo and marble. They collect more dust and do a much faster job than a standard broom.

Damp mopping

Damp mopping should be performed following the dust mopping as it ensures the removal of any superficial soil that may have been missed during the sweeping or dusting mopping process.

Wet mopping

Wet mopping mopping procedures are done to prevent the accumulation of superficial soil, to remove light-to-heavy soil on the surface of the floor and to provide a clean and sanitised floor surface.

In most cases, a combination of the three procedures of mopping service is advisable in order to maintain your floors looking nice and clean.

There are different types of mops. It is very common nowadays to use a microfibre mop rather than a regular mop. It is an extremely effective mopping technique. The mop pad is made of a lint free strong synthetic fibre. The tiny fibres make the fabric very absorbent, so it holds plenty of water for cleaning, yet doesn’t drip. There is only a need for a damp pad to clean with micro fibre, so the floor quickly dries after cleaning, rather than being visibly wet.

Micro fibre mopping systems require less cleaning solution to achieve the same results as a traditional sting mop.