Reception Cleaning

Everyone has, at one stage in their life, walked into a building and immediately thought “Ew”.

This is not the reaction you want when new people visit your building, be it old or new clients, current or potential employees. First impressions count.

Your workplace reception area is the first place which any visitors and business contacts will see when they step inside the building, and as first impressions count for so much you need to make sure that you make a good one. Moreover, not only is it the first introduction to the company, but it is also where clients spend time while they wait. During that wait, their opinion of the company begins to develop.

For visitors, it’s vital to ensure your communal areas are kept clean, especially reception and lobby areas. Reception cleaning helps to maintain a good appearance and first impression for potential and existing clients. Consequently, ensuring that your office is cleaned regularly is essential in keeping the workplace looking and feeling pleasant.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, and if the first thing people see when they enter your space is a floor so clean you could eat off it, they will tell someone about it.

At the end of the day, you want as little as possible getting in the way of success. You want your employees at full capacity, you want your office running smoothly and you want your business to look good and leave people feeling good.

Right tools

Getting the right people, the right products and the right tools to make your business shine, literally and figuratively, looks to a big step toward achieving this goal. Moreover, everyone who comes in and out of an office passes through the reception area. Therefore receptions tend to get dirty very quickly.

Whether your reception area is small or large, ensuring that every corner is properly cleaned can be difficult when you’re trying to run a busy business. This is why the services of an office cleaning professional is essential.

Why not call GleamClean now on 0423 763 230 and let us getting your reception area literally sparkling and welcoming.