GPS and Live reports – what does it all mean and how does it benefit me?

GleamClean are leading WA Commercial cleaning by incorporating the Latest technology to monitor and support our team in the work we are doing.

Simply put, in the past it was very hard to monitor who was on site, when they arrived and even how long they where there. With GleamClean this is Not an issue, all of our team use a smartphone app that only allows them to clock in and off at the site using GPS to ensure their whereabouts.

We can see to the minute the time they arrive, to the time they leave, providing satety and ensuring you receive as promised.

Our Cleaning system for each location and every detail required to provide you with the perfect cleaning service is right at their fingertips with each and every service. The staff can also communicate directly with us and provide photos of any issues if they arise to ensure you are always in the best hands.

Combining this with our Online inspection reporting system, we perform customised inspections for each and every location we service, with very specific detailing for each site. We can attach instant photos for reference set follow up actions required and even forward a copy of the report instantly to our clients before we have even left the premises.

GleamClean primary focus is to deliver our clients with the most professional cleaning
service and our team with a safe, happy and motivational work place.

Staff Time Tracking

GPS Location

Live inspection Reports

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OH&S Instant Access

Worry-Free Supply Management

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Live Reporting

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