Childcare Centres

At GleamClean, we provide a full range of child care centre cleaning services with a focus on maintaining a clean, healthy environment at all times.

Our highly experienced cleaning technicians understand exactly what’s required when completing a child care centre cleaning assignment, and you can rest assured that we will complete every job fast and efficiently.

On top of this, our services are backed by decades of combined industry experience. We employ some of the best cleaning staff in the entire Perth region, and every new team member is required to undertake comprehensive training to ensure they’re familiar with our procedures.

The Best Child Care Cleaning Company in the Region

We take extreme pride in our reputation as one of the leading cleaning companies in the entire region. We guarantee an extremely high standard of cleaning to ensure your facilities are complying with the relevant OHS regulations.

On top of this, we’ve implemented a range of quality control procedures to ensure our staff don’t become lazy or careless. And if you do have problems at any point, you will find our team extremely friendly and approachable. Customer service is one of our main focuses, and we will always do whatever we can to ensure you remain 100% happy with our service at all times.

Our Child Care Cleaning Includes a Range of Services

We offer more than just a standard cleaning service that involves vacuuming floors and wiping down exposed surfaces. Where required, we can also provide a wide range of specialist services, including:

  • Carpet cleaning to ensure your facility remains odourless and in good visual condition.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning to remove bad smells and make sure you’re maintaining a high level of hygiene.
  • Window cleaning where required.
  • Outside cleaning for things like playgrounds, verandahs and any other things that can become excessively dirty over time.

Additionally, we’re able to create custom child care cleaning solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We can clean regularly if required, can do as much or as little as you need us to and are available to work extremely flexible hours.

Why Choose GleamClean?

Child care cleaning is something that needs to be right, which means it’s worth spending some time ensuring you choose the right cleaning contractor for your centre. At GleamClean, we’ve worked hard to develop a strong business with a focus on reliable professional service. We believe that we’re your best choice because:

  • Our cleaning technicians are highly trained and very good at what they do.
  • We value customer service, and our team is approachable and always happy to help.
  • We’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with our results.
  • We understand the importance of ensuring child care centre cleaning is done properly.
  • Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

Ultimately, our number one goal is to ensure you’re happy with our service. We’re here to make things easier for you, not harder, and our cleaning technicians understand that.

Speak With Our Child Care Cleaning Team Today!

If you’re looking for a professional child care cleaning service that you can rely on, you’re in the right place. At GleamClean, we’ve been working in the cleaning industry for over ten years, and we have the experience and know-how to develop custom cleaning solutions to meet your exact needs.

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