Common Areas Cleaning

Common areas cleaning service like hallways and reception spaces are very critical when it comes to creating the right impression.

It is not only the busiest areas of your properties but it is a reflection of the people that manage the place. Therefore you need to keep it clean always to maintain a positive image from your customers. First impressions count, which is why we maintain high standards of cleaning.

Essentially, effective cleaning gives customers a good impression. However, it is also important to highlight that employees should work in a hygienic, organized and healthy environment. Studies show that lack of cleanliness can be a distraction, negatively impacting the quantity and quality of work that is done.

GleamClean offers the service of cleaning common areas in an efficient, optimized way, providing a renewed aspect. We clean entrance hall areas, hallways, deep clean the carpets, mop the floors, vacuuming in the communal area, and clean the lift area, lobby, staircases, cobwebs and exterior spaces. We also glass panels, frames, and sills, skirting boards, doors including knobs and handles, frames, glasses, and edges as well as total vacuuming of the whole area. In addition we take out rubbish bins for collection and taking them back in after collection.

Every work field has its particularities and only professionals are able to say what different customers need. As a result, a good consultancy delivers a personalized and efficient service of cleaning common areas to the companies. Our professional cleaners are skilled and well-trained. It is more than sweeping, picking up litter and garbage, dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting the areas. Our aim is to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction and to exceed your expectation.

At GleamClean we offer different types of schedules:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Ortnightly
  • Monthly
  • One Off Cleaning Service