Hardfloor cleaning

Quality solid flooring is an expensive investment that should be the proud centrepiece of your property.

When your hard flooring is cared for carefully and professionally maintained, it can last a lifetime and adds considerable value to your property.

Our hard floor cleaning services are suitable for the wide variety of hardfloors and can be used in both commercial and residential properties. It’s an effective way to restore good looks and glaze of all types of flooring – laminate, engineered and solid wood, terracotta, linoleum, ceramic or thermoplastic tiles, terrazzo, granite, vinyl, etc.

Hiring GleamClean Service

GleamClean has the right professional approach to provide you with a service that is both time-saving and effective. GleamClean is dedicated to professional hard floor maintenance and care. We will talk to you and recommend a service that suits your requirements, expectations and budget.

An experienced hardfloor cleaning technician will come to your property to handle the job with all the necessary professional equipment. Understanding the chemistry of cleaning and knowledge of chemicals will ensure that surface soils and marks are removed and the floor maintained in a clean and shiny condition.

Our floor cleaners are highly skilled, trained technicians who aim on achieving the warmth and elegance back to your floors carry out all of our work. The cleaner will carefully inspect your floor to determine what would be the most suitable technique to clean it.

Our professional floor cleaners are trained to respect the customer, and their property, and anyone who works for us is strictly monitored, vetted and fully insured. They will advise you on the best treatment available for your floors. They will clean your floors and bring them back to life again using the most up to date cleaning solutions and equipment on the market. The results achieved can be superb – not to mention very cost-effective.