Are Commercial Cleaning Services Insured? What You Need to Know

One of the fundamental questions that often comes up when considering hiring a commercial cleaning service is whether they are insured. After all, you are entrusting them with the upkeep and cleanliness of your workspace—a place that holds valuable assets, both material and human. In today’s blog, we’ll shed some light on the significance of insurance in commercial cleaning and why Gleam Clean, your trusted service provider in Perth, WA, places immense importance on this aspect.

The Basics: What Does Insurance Cover?

Firstly, let’s delve into what commercial cleaning insurance typically covers. A comprehensive plan will often include liability insurance to protect against potential property damage and worker’s compensation for any injuries sustained during the cleaning process.

Sue Park, Office Manager at Primewest, testifies to our reputation, saying, “We have entrusted Gleam Clean WA to clean our offices for the past ten years. Their professionalism and quality of work have been unmatched in this area. We have watched as the company has grown over the years without losing their attention to detail or their hands-on approach.”

Why Insurance is Non-Negotiable

When you hire an uninsured or underinsured cleaner, you risk not only potential damages to your property but also put yourself in a tricky legal situation. An insured cleaning company provides you with peace of mind and offers a guarantee that if things go south, you’re covered.

David Weaver from CBRE highlights this point perfectly: “Excellent standard of cleanliness… staff did a great job… which was most meritorious because of the construction in the building and the site and the weather conditions.”

Gleam Clean: Safety and Security First

At Gleam Clean, safety and security are paramount. We understand that hiring a cleaning service is an act of trust, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your trust is well-placed. We have substantial public liability insurance coverage, which means that both you and we are protected against any unforeseen circumstances. This commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in our mission and vision, resonating with our core values of providing excellence at an affordable price.

Extra Measures for Special Requirements

Some industries have unique needs that go beyond the basics. Medical facilities, for instance, must adhere to stringent hygiene standards. Retail spaces have to manage high footfall areas that require more frequent cleaning. Gleam Clean’s comprehensive insurance policies are flexible enough to adapt to these specific needs, making sure that you’re covered no matter what your industry requires.

A Testament to Professionalism

An insured cleaning service is often a testament to the company’s professionalism and commitment to their clients. Insurance is not a mere checkbox but a critical part of responsible business practice.

Stellar, Director at Stellar, provides a compelling testimonial, “We are very happy with Elcio and his team. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and we receive a fantastic service each and every day.”

Knowing What to Ask

When you’re in the market for a commercial cleaner, always ask for details about their insurance coverage. Are they insured for the services they offer? What kind of liability are they covered for? Don’t hesitate to ask for documentation to back up their claims.

Why Choose Gleam Clean?

For over a decade, Gleam Clean has been providing outstanding commercial and office cleaning services in Perth, Western Australia. We pride ourselves not just on the quality of our work, but also on the safety and security we offer to our clients. Our extensive insurance coverage ensures that you can put your complete trust in us.


In essence, insurance is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a safety net for both the client and the service provider. It builds a foundation of trust and professionalism that is crucial in a service industry like commercial cleaning. For an obligation-free quote and to experience the fully insured services of Gleam Clean, contact us today at 0423 763 230.

So, if you’re contemplating whether or not your commercial cleaning service should be insured—the answer is a resounding yes. And if you’re in Perth, WA, look no further than Gleam Clean. Our reputation, backed by years of experience and comprehensive insurance coverage, ensures that your workspace is in the safest hands possible.