Wooden floors are as pretty as a picture, which is why they are quite desirable in homes and businesses alike. However, how you clean them, particularly in a commercial cleaning capacity, can be quite significant. Read on to learn what it takes to keep hardwood floors looking at their very best.

Daily Care
Hardwood flooring requires daily care, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Preventative measures are crucial. Use floor mats before the entrance and after it, to stop dirt and grit from being trampled inside, and keep a cleaning cloth nearby to take care of minor spills and puddles. A “please take dirty boots off” sign at your business entrance can also leave your hardwood floors looking better for longer.

Routine Care
When you leave commercial cleaning of your business up to the experts, you can rest assured that hardwood floors are taken care of. However, it’s still helpful to know what keeps them looking at their best. The answer? Dusting. A mop with a dusting agent can combat fur, hair, dust, and dirt that can both look unsightly and cause scratching.

Some flooring may also be compatible with wood polishes and sprays to offer that beautiful finish for your customers and guests to enjoy. Vacuuming can also form part of routine care, but with a unique floor brush attachment. A beater bar attachment, which you would use for other floor materials, may cause scratches.

Deep Cleans
A weekly dusting and daily care can make a world of difference with caring for your hardwood floors. Most commercial cleaning experts enjoy how much easier it makes their job as well. However, deep cleans are also necessary.

Dust, dirt, and general grime is easy to clean daily, but it can build up over time, which calls for a different process. Use a wood floor mop and special cleaning products that are designed for hardwood flooring. Allow your mop to get damp, but don’t allow water to pool on the floor, or let the mop get dripping-wet. Excess water can damage your flooring if it is left to sit.

Once you have cleaned the floors with a mop, open doors and windows in the area, or use an air conditioning unit to speed up the drying process.

Cleaning Wooden Flooring Naturally
If you prefer that your commercial cleaning company use natural products for taking care of your business, then you’ll be pleased to know that some exist for hardwood floors. Around half a cup of white vinegar with 3.5 litres of water can prove to be quite a powerful floor cleaning solution.

However, it’s imperative to do a spot check on a discrete part of the flooring with any cleaning product (including vinegar) before you proceed with the rest. Vinegar has been known to dull the finish of some hardwood floors.

Any business or home with hardwood floors is a winner. They look stunning, add a sense of charm to any environment, and offer the illusion of space, too. However, as they are a natural material, they require a particular type of care to keep them looking at their best. Fortunately, most commercial cleaning companies know what it takes to get the job done, and you reap the rewards of a beautiful and clean wooden floor as a result.