Mopping Tips to help you in maintaining the health and appearance of the floor. Here are some great mopping tips.

There are a few simple tips which can make your mopping easier and give you great results.

The following mopping tips are for damp mopping:

1- Clear the area and sweep the floor before you mop using a dust mop;

2- Prepare a solution of cold or warm water and detergent;

3- Place some hazard signs;

4- Place a clean mop in the solution and wring it out thoroughly. Squeeze the mop until there are no dribbles, otherwise streak marks might be left on the floor when solution dries;

5- Start in the corner furthest from door;

6- To release mop fibers flare the mop by lifting it from the floor and rub the palms together and rotate the mop handle;

7- Mopping floors in small sections as it can make getting rid of grime build up and debris easier;

8- Mop the floor next to the base of the walls first by moving the mop parallel with the skirting boards working it side to side in a figure 8 pattern;

9- Overlap the stroke;

10- Rinse mop regularly;

11- Renew the solution regularly;

12- If there is a need for the floor to be sued immediately you can increase drying time by dry mopping using a microfiber mop.

With these mopping tips your floor will look shiny and presentable.