Office cleaning room dressing is an essential factor in the presentation of any business as there is nothing worse from an employee or a client than entering in an untidy, messy office.

When cleaning an area, it is important to ensure all furniture and fittings are in their correct place on completion. This is called room dressing.

Rooms that are dressed correctly make your quality cleaning really stand out.

A client may have specific requirements for presentation and layout of a room or premises and thus room dressing may also include restocking of consumable items.

As an example, inside a Boardroom you may have to fill up stocks of tea and coffee on the hot drinks trolley.

Another requirement may be not to move anything on desk surfaces.

Although it is important to dress all areas, some are more so than others, as people will notice if an area is neat and tidy or not, especially receptions, board rooms and kitchens.

Office cleaning room dressing area is not only safer but also makes a workplace that much more pleasant.

When cleaning an office and even before the dressing it is vital to ensure furniture and fittings are looking clean and free of dust and marks, otherwise a great office dressing will have no positive impact and thus of no avail.

Every piece will need attention according to its surfaces, size and shape.

In most cases the item will need cleaning on the entire external areas. For example, when cleaning a desk you will need to make sure that you clean all sides of the desk and any drawer handles or decorative work.