Useful tips for high pressure cleaning. Before commencing with pressure washing, it is best to find out as much as possible about the surface you will clean. Due to the vast amount of force and water it can generate, pressure washers can cause damage to surfaces.

Useful tips for high pressure cleaning

To avoid damage you can adjust the P.S.I., distance yourself from the surface or vary the type of jet being used.

  • A fan jet is used for low power cleaning on sensitive areas such as wooden pergolas;
  • A pencil jet is used for high power cleaning on areas such pattern-paved driveways;
  • A rotary jet is used for high power/large area cleaning such as external of building.

Another tip is that you may have to take into consideration that in certain cases a cleaning agent will be required to give the job an even better look and they can be applied directly onto the area being cleaned or into the chemical tank of the pressure unit.