COVID Deep Cleaning

With the rise of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, deep, thorough cleaning has never been more important. Without proper cleaning, you and your employees will be at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, which could lead to a potentially serious infection.

In response to the increased demand from business owners and residential clients across Perth, we’ve developed a thorough COVID cleaning service.

This is based on all existing knowledge about the new virus, along with modern cleaning and decontamination techniques.

Why Use a COVID Cleaning Service?

If your workplace or residence has been exposed or potentially exposed to COVID-19, you have a responsibility to ensure it’s cleaned thoroughly to reduce the risk of further infection. When an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales in an area, virus particles are dispersed through the air. From here, they can settle on any exposed surface.

And in some cases, the virus can stay alive and infective on a surface for a number of days. The only way to remove all traces of it is to complete a deep clean with the correct equipment and cleaning products.

If you or someone in your office has contracted COVID-19, you may be required by law to have your premises cleaned thoroughly by an approved professional. We can help, and you can rest assured that our cleaning technicians will take the required precautions to ensure they aren’t putting themselves at risk of contracting the disease.

What Does Our COVID Cleaning Service Involve?

At GleamClean, we’ve developed a clear COVID deep cleaning procedure that takes into account the relevant advice from the WA Department of Health. This involves both physical cleaning and full disinfection of all affected areas.

Physical cleaning – To begin, our team of cleaning technicians will remove all dirt, dust, oils and other foreign material from surfaces and floors in the area. This is done with hospital-grade cleaning products to ensure the job is done properly.

Disinfection – Once the area has been physically cleaned, it will be fully disinfected to remove any remaining traces of the virus. With the latest equipment and extremely powerful decontamination chemicals, we can ensure your premises are returned to a usable condition as soon as possible.

Our Team Is Highly Trained in the Appropriate Cleaning Procedures

COVID deep cleaning comes with its own set of risks due to the extreme infectivity and seriousness of the coronavirus. Because of this, every member of our COVID cleaning team is highly trained and understands exactly what’s required of them. The risk of contracting and spreading the infection is effectively eliminated by:

  • Using the correct PPE, including biohazard suits, masks, gloves and more.
  • Using hand sanitiser and other decontamination products regularly.
  • Ensuring every member of our team is trained in accordance with the latest government regulations and recommendations.

We’re fully committed to ensuring we prevent the spread of this deadly virus, and we’re here to help you ensure your workplace or home doesn’t present any infection hazards.

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If you’re searching for a reliable COVID deep cleaning team with the ability to deal with your needs when and as required, we can help. At GleamClean, we’re a team of highly-experienced cleaning technicians with years of combined industry experience, and we’ve developed a strong COVID cleaning plan to ensure every situation is treated with the care and caution required.

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