Strip & Seal

GleamClean are highly experienced with strip and seal services in Perth WA.

Hard flooring requires periodic maintenance just like a carpet needs cleaning and will need a deep clean or a strip and seal. It is good practice that hard floor maintenance is carried out on a planned basis, this will protect the top surface from becoming scratched and worn.

The benefits of applying a high quality floor sealer system to a floor are both the protection and the enhancement of what is a valuable asset. Floors are exposed to unrelenting abrasion from foot and trolley traffic, spillages and dirt which, without protection, can cause dulling of the floor surface and even wear it away.

A strip and seal involves using a safe stripping agent to remove all of the ingrained dirt from within the tile surface including any bevel edges and textured or embossed surface.

Stripping is the first step to well-maintained floors and it is the most time consuming, labourious and costly operation in the maintenance cycle.

During the stripping procedure an old or pre-existing floor seal, coat or finish needs to be removed by using an abrasive pad or brush in combination with chemicals (amine or re-emulsifying).

Floor stripping is required when the following occurs:

  • The colour begins to run;
  • The finish begins to build up;
  • Mopping, buffing or recoating does not provide the desired results.

Once the floor has been thoroughly deep cleaned and stripped back removing all contaminants and residues, it is important to neutralise and rinse the floor allowing it to dry fully before applying any protective coating.

The purpose of a floor sealer is to fill and seal the pores of the flooring material. It also provides a base foundation to which floor finish can adhere to. A sealer enhances the overall appearance of the floor and protects it from wear. It is important to note that a sealer is always intended as a primer coat and should never be applied to a dirty floor or over floor finish.