How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost in Perth, WA?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve recognized the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace. But like most business owners or managers in Perth, WA, you might be pondering the inevitable question: How much does commercial cleaning actually cost? At Gleam Clean, we believe in transparent, affordable pricing, and today, we’re diving deep into the factors that influence the cost of commercial cleaning services.

The Elements of Cost

Several variables come into play when determining the cost of commercial cleaning services. The size of the premises, the complexity of the tasks, and the frequency of cleaning are just a few. Knowing these factors can help you make a well-informed decision.

Size Matters

The bigger the premises, the more work it requires. Cleaning a multi-storey office building will inevitably cost more than a single-floor retail outlet. Some companies charge by the square foot, while others offer a fixed package.

Scope of Services

Are you looking for standard cleaning services or something more specialized like industrial equipment cleaning? Specialized services may come at a premium, but the peace of mind they provide can be invaluable.


Some businesses require daily cleaning, while others might need it weekly or bi-weekly. The frequency of the cleaning schedule will directly impact the total cost.

David Weaver from CBRE says, “Excellent standard of cleanliness… staff did a great job… which was most meritorious because of the construction in the building and the site and the weather conditions.”

The Importance of a Custom Quote

At Gleam Clean, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We understand that each business has unique requirements and constraints, which is why we offer obligation-free quotes tailored specifically for your needs. You can reach out to us at 0423 763 230 for your personalized quote.

Stellar, Director of Stellar, mentions their satisfaction with Gleam Clean’s services: “We are very happy with Elcio and his team. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and we receive a fantastic service each and every day.”

Budget-Friendly vs. Premium Services

When it comes to cleaning services, you often get what you pay for. Budget-friendly services may offer basic cleaning at an affordable rate. However, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing solution that covers areas like high-level dusting, sanitation, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning agents, a premium service like Gleam Clean would be your go-to choice.

Additional Costs to Consider

Sometimes, there may be additional costs like the use of specialized cleaning equipment or emergency services. These are generally not included in standard packages and may be billed separately.

Long-Term Contracts: A Win-Win

Long-term contracts not only guarantee a continued service but also often come with discounted rates.

Sue Park, Office Manager at Primewest, speaks highly of their decade-long relationship with Gleam Clean, “We have entrusted Gleam Clean WA to clean our offices for the past ten years. Their professionalism and quality of work has been unmatched in this area.”

The Gleam Clean Promise

Our mission is to provide excellence at an affordable price. We combine the best and most innovative technology within the industry with an outstanding workforce, which has resulted in a long list of happy clients in a clean environment.


Commercial cleaning costs can vary greatly, but understanding the factors that contribute to it can help you make an informed decision. At Gleam Clean, we are committed to offering transparent, affordable, and top-quality cleaning services to all our clients in Perth, WA. With a proven track record and customer testimonials that speak volumes about our service quality, you can be assured of getting the best value for your investment.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, a clean workspace is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Investing in a reliable and efficient commercial cleaning service is an investment in your business’ success. To get your tailored, obligation-free quote from Gleam Clean, simply call us at 0423 763 230 today. Your workspace deserves to gleam, and we’re here to make it happen!